Fall 2019 – Proverbs Review

Fall 2019 – Proverbs Review

Our adult Christian Education offering this fall is a sermon discussion class. This class starts Sunday September 15th at 9:00am. The goal of this class is twofold:

  1. To dive more deeply into the book of Proverbs; and 
  2. To apply what we’re learning from the sermons to our everyday lives. 

We will re-read through the previous week’s Bible passage(s) and each week Pastor Jonathan lead us through a discussion of questions like:

  1. What was last week’s sermon about?…….
  2. What did the Lord use to encourage you?…….
  3. What did you learn for the first time?…….
  4. What were you glad to be reminded of?…….
  5. What do you still not understand?…….
  6. What verse(s) did the Holy Spirit use to convict or challenge you?…….
  7. What have you applied from Proverbs this week?…….
  8. How does Proverbs tie into the big gospel story of the Bible?…….

Pastor Jonathan highly recommends all participants read a copy of How to Read Proverbs by Tremper Longman III as we work through Proverbs. Supplemental lectures are also available from Dr. Bruce Waltke through BiblicalTraining.org. He may also present other teachings and resources on Proverbs as we go along.

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