Posts from May 2022

Posts from May 2022

Strongly Recommend Masks (5/14/22 Update)

The Middlesex County COVID-19 case rate has risen significantly in recent weeks. In accordance with CDC guidelines, the Deacons strongly recommend attenders to wear masks during indoor services and events until transmission rates return to low levels. Thank you.

I Am With You – Inspired by the song: Your Labor is Not In Vain

There’s a song I love that gets to me every time it comes through my speakers. (Okay, there are a few that fall into this category, but bear with me.) It’s not only the music, which is lyrical and lovely. It’s also not only the words, though I find them to be thoughtful and powerful. The emotional trigger of the song comes down to one line, which I am convinced captures a truth at once so fundamental and so easy…

What Does the Resurrection Say to Your Frontline?

I find it terribly easy, as I go about my day-to-day life, to forget that this current existence is not all there is. This isn’t a forgetfulness of belief—at the cognitive level I am fully aware of the reality that there is more than my eyes can see. It is a forgetfulness of what I suppose could be called practical belief. I can speak passionately about the implications of the resurrection and the hope of all that’s to come, and…
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