Church Covenant

Church Covenant


A church covenant is a promise made to God, to a local church, and to one’s self. It is a sign of commitment to God, to His church, and to personal holiness. ‘Community‘ is one of our core values, and a covenant is a helpful way of making clear who is part of our church community. All of our members sign our church covenant, and with the Holy Spirit’s help, commit to keeping it.

Cornerstone Covenant

God brought me to Cornerstone to believe the gospel, mature as a follower of Jesus, love His church, and join His mission. I fully agree with Cornerstone’s Articles of Faith and commit to Cornerstone’s unique calling and expression as explained in our Vision, Mission, Core Values, Philosophy of Ministry, and By-Laws.

I submit myself to the leadership, discipleship, and discipline of the Elders, and the mutual accountability of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at Cornerstone. As a follower of Jesus, and a member of our church, with the Lord’s help and to the best of my ability, I promise to:

  • Love God by regularly reading and studying the Bible, praying, seeking to obey Jesus’ commands, asking for the Holy Spirit’s active presence in my life, faithfully attending worship services, taking the Lord’s Supper, and by giving tithes and offerings of my money and time to Cornerstone;
  • Love God’s People by regularly participating in community discipleship, attending members meetings, using my gifts and talents for the church’s benefit, being quick to forgive, asking for and receiving forgiveness, encouraging one another, and protecting the unity of the church;
  • Love God’s Mission by building friendships with unsaved neighbors, coworkers, and family members, praying for them, sharing the gospel, inviting the unchurched to Cornerstone, welcoming first-time guests in as new friends, and supporting the work of reaching the lost around the world.

If one day I leave Cornerstone, I promise to join a like-minded church that believes the gospel and joins God in His mission to make, mature, and multiply followers of Jesus.