Sermons on Joy

Sermons on Joy

A Savior Is Born | Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38

“Christmas is the answer to the question, does God love me?”. Bernie Michaud shares a message of encouragement on this Christmas Day. Can we see beyond our circumstances to the hope and joy that God provides through our savior? Watch Here Questions to Consider How would you be feeling if these events were happening to you? How much do you trust God with your life’s circumstances?

Joy | Luke 2:8-14, Isaiah 53:1-6

On the third Sunday of Advent, Alex DiBisceglie shared with us a message about the joy that we can experience with God. Discussion Questions Icebreaker:  What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions? 1.  How does culture define joy? 2.  What are some obstacles that prevent us from experiencing joy? 3.  What are some ways the Suffering Servant joy helps you transcend sorrow in your life? 4.   What does it mean that Jesus bears our griefs and carries our sorrows?

Isaiah 66:7-13 Zion’s Birth Story (Labor & Delivery Sermon)

Monica Romig shared the following message at Gordon-Conwell’s chapel service on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 (video link) from Isaiah 66:7-13. She talks about the biblical imagery of labor and delivery to describe how God is going to deliver and redeem his people. Enjoy the message. Since shops are already putting up Christmas lights and radio stations are playing Christmas music I thought it would be appropriate to consider this morning one of the prophetic birth passages of Isaiah. 7 “Before she…

The Dance of Redemption | Song of Songs 2:8-10 (Ballet Sermon)

The ballet Giselle is a love story between a young frail maiden and a nobleman. Giselle lives in a small village with her mother where the villagers are preparing to celebrate the Wine Festival. The local huntsman Hilarion secretly loves her but so does another, Count Albrecht. The Count disguises himself as a peasant and shows her affection and care to win her love. The huntsman Hilarion will have none of it. He interrupts their dance and his suspicion grows…

Joy in Adversity | Acts 5:17-42

How can we have joy in adversity? How can we experience happiness when we’re also experiencing setbacks or even suffering? I want to read you the last words in our passage. Acts 5:40b (NIV) …They called the apostles in and had them flogged. Then they ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go. The apostles, who are the twelve disciples including Peter and John and all the rest, are arrested by those in power…

Easter Transforms Us | John 20:11-18

Easter is a happy day. It’s the happiest day in the church calendar. But it didn’t start the way. That first Easter morning Jesus’ followers were grieving and heartbroken because the one they loved died. Our story today starts with a grieving woman, Mary Magdalene, as she stands outside Jesus’ tomb crying. She is mourning his death and that someone has stolen his body. In the gospels this word for “weep” is a bitter, loud, wailing (Matt 26:75; Mark 6:38).…