Posts from June 2022

Posts from June 2022

COVID-19 Update (feel free to wear a mask if you feel it’s appropriate)

As COVID-19 cases decrease throughout the Commonwealth and the local areas, the Deacons appreciate the efforts of attenders to keep themselves and others safe. At this time, we encourage people to feel free to wear a mask if they feel it appropriate to do so and we recommend that folks stay home if they are not feeling well. We will continue to monitor the CDC and other public health guidelines and will make recommendations accordingly. We look forward to seeing your full-face smiles!…

Can a Christian be a Medium and Talk to the Dead?

A medium is someone who talks to the dead and relays messages back and forth between them and the living. What does the Bible say about mediums? Can a believer who loves and believes in Jesus be a medium? Is it okay to talk to the dead, especially a family member or loved one? Could a Christian use the power of talking to the dead for good? These are all important questions. God gives us answers in the Bible. While…

From Spectator to Participant: Sunday-Morning Church Service Format

Pastor Jonathan Romig explains Cornerstone’s Sunday morning format. Our desire with this change is to help us all do less spectating and more participating in discipleship and worship. This new format gives participants an opportunity to pray together and for each other, and discuss God’s word at a deeper level. While the message is shorter, the time spent in God’s word is longer. Check out the video explanation here. Thanks!