Can a Christian be a Medium and Talk to the Dead?

A medium is someone who talks to the dead and relays messages back and forth between them and the living. What does the Bible say about mediums? Can a believer who loves and believes in Jesus be a medium? Is it okay to talk to the dead, especially a family member or loved one? Could a Christian use the power of talking to the dead for good? These are all important questions. God gives us answers in the Bible. While…

From Spectator to Participant: Sunday-Morning Church Service Format

Pastor Jonathan Romig explains Cornerstone’s Sunday morning format. Our desire with this change is to help us all do less spectating and more participating in discipleship and worship. This new format gives participants an opportunity to pray together and for each other, and discuss God’s word at a deeper level. While the message is shorter, the time spent in God’s word is longer. Check out the video explanation here. Thanks!

Passion Week Readings from the Gospel of John

Passion Week Readings from the Gospel of John: – Sunday: The Triumphal Entry of Jesus (John 12:12-19) – Monday: Jesus demonstrates His humility and love (John 13:1-14:7) – Tuesday: Jesus is the Vine (John 15:1-14) – Wednesday: Jesus prays for His disciples and us (John 17) – Thursday: Jesus is betrayed and denied (John 18) – Friday: Jesus is the crucified Savior (John 19:1-37) – Saturday: Sunday’s coming! (John 19:38-42) – Sunday: Jesus lives!! (John 20) Photo via: https://pixabay.com/photos/piece-religion-israel-holy-land-3241434/

Women in the Kingdom Sermon Series Announcement

Dear church, This Sunday, March 20, I am excited to share that we will begin a new sermon series entitled, Women in the Kingdom. In this 6-10 week series we will study God’s perfect plan for men and women as experienced pre-fall and as will be experienced after the second coming, the post-fall (historical and current) condition of women in the church, and God’s heart towards women as seen through the arc of Scripture. We will also dive into several…

Pastor Sam Kim’s Paper on the Ordination of Women

Pastor Sam Kim of Intercultural Mission Church in North Andover wrote a paper on women in ministry, focusing specifically on pastoral ordination, which he has given us permission to share. In it he works to build a bridge between the complementarians and egalitarians. You can find that paper attached below. You can also click this link to hear Pastor Sam preach, or click this link if you’d like to read his testimony of healing from racial trauma. Thank you Pastor Sam…

Grief & Hope: Christian Books and Music for when a Loved One Dies

With the recent passing of my dad, I’ve been processing by reading books on death and listening to music that helps me grieve and worship. But even as I experience loss, those around me are losing their loved ones as well. This is why I am sharing some of the books and songs I’ve come across as a way to help (music playlist below). The books focus more on grieving the loss of brothers and sisters in Christ than those…

Cornerstone Mask Policy

For our January 4th, 2022 Update, Click Here. Dear Church Family, Isn’t Covid no fun?! We are ready for it to be all gone, but it seems like the Lord is allowing for it to linger. As your elders and deacons, we have struggled to know how to best protect the church family from covid, while not over-doing it. We are not certain we have it right but have created the following plan to do the best we can. Due…

Church Search Directory

Do you need to find a church for yourself or a family member? Here’s a list of church-search directories we find helpful. Conservative Congregational Christian Conference Church Directory (CCCC) The Gospel Coalition Church Directory (TGC) 9Marks Ministries Church Directory God bless you in your search. In Christ, Cornerstone Staff