VeggieTales: Esther – Small Group Discussion Questions

The following are discussion questions for VeggieTales: Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen (free version with commercials). Please feel free to use these questions in your small group, Bible study, Sunday school, and adult, college, youth or children’s group for a fun and lively discussion. What similarities and differences do you notice between the VeggieTales version and the biblical text? Why do you think they added those differences in their retelling of the story? Some changes were made to make…

Discussion Questions for the Bible Project’s Esther video

The Bible Project created an animated overview of Esther as part of their Read Scripture series.  Please feel free to use these questions to discuss the video as part of your small group, Sunday school, Bible study, or personal time. has also created a discussion guide. Study & Application Questions: When you think of the book of Esther, what do you typically think of? Did anything from the Bible Project video of Esther change how you think about this…

The Co-Missioned Church Series

The Co-Missioned Church Series Trailer from Chris Lake on Vimeo. Check out the trailer for The Co-Missioned Church Series by Chris Lake with the Vere Institute. Pastor Jonathan, Doreen, and our whole Cornerstone church got to participate in its making.

Grace, Justice, & Mercy with Bryan Stevenson and Timothy Keller

In May 2016 Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City hosted an evening discussion on race, grace, and the church with Bryan Stevenson and Pastor  Timothy Keller. I’m sharing this as a follow-up to our recent series, God of Justice. I hope you’ll take the time to listen to both sessions to further our discussion of this important topic. While you may fully agree with everything you hear, or you may come to different conclusions, both are a worthwhile listen.…

Mission Matters Sermon by Neil Hudson | Luke 10:1-20

Pastor Neil Hudson gave a sermon on mission to our frontlines at Park Street Church in downtown Boston. He works with the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) to equip pastors and churches to reach out to their frontlines. Your frontline is the place where you naturally spend time with your friends who don’t know Jesus yet, like your office, the library, the coffee shop, Holidays with family, or even the grocery store. I think you will find this sermon…

How to Pray the Psalms by Timothy Keller

Want to know how to pray the Psalms? In addition to listening to our series on the Psalms, listen to Timothy Keller explain how to pray the Psalms. He pastored Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City for many years and is the author of The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms. Enjoy! In Christ, Pastor Jonathan

Psalms: The Language of Prayer Sermon Series by Tim Mackie

Remember the two guys from The Bible Project videos? One of them, Tim Mackie, preached a sermon series on the Psalms called Psalms: The Language of Prayer.  This series is very good and covers Psalms and topics we may not cover in our series on the Psalms, Praying with God. Enjoy! In Christ, Pastor Jonathan Praying Through Our Fears | Psalm 3 Praying Through Our Pain | Psalm 22 Praying Through Song | Psalm 96 A Prayer of Confession |…
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