Sermons on Cornerstone (Page 3)

Sermons on Cornerstone (Page 3)

Mature Jesus Followers | Luke 8:1-15

What would happen if you never grew up? Peter Pan is the story of never growing older, and how it’s not a good thing. In Luke 8:1-15, Jesus shares the parable of the Sower and the seed to teach us how we can grow and flourish spiritually. Any who trust Jesus are soil people, but sometimes we act like path people, rock people, or even thorn people. Often we can’t see who makes the best soil, but God can. Soil people…

Make Jesus Followers | Luke 5:1-11

Have you ever had a friend that changed your life, that made you do crazy things? Jesus was a friend like that for Peter. He called him to leave everything and follow him. In Luke 5:1-11, Jesus didn’t call Peter quietly, but interrupted Peter’s fisherman life with an incredible miracle. Christ’s call is the same for us. We are all called to follow him. Leave yourself and follow Jesus. You can download a Sermon Outline above (“Save PDF”) or Sermon Slides below.

Gospel Deeds | Luke 4:38-44

Cornerstone’s vision is “A gospel-centered church that changes lives through sharing the message of Jesus Christ in word and deed”. Last week we talked about what it means to share the message of Jesus Christ in word. This week we’re learning about sharing the message of Jesus Christ in deed. We believe both word and deed are what makes the gospel powerful. Not only does the world hear the message of Christ, they see it lived out. Luke 4:38-44 tells…

Gospel Words | Luke 4:14-21 (Church Plant Launch)

Cornerstone kicks off their first weekly service on Saturday October 3rd at 5pm. We begin with a series on our Vision and Mission as a new church plant. Our vision and mission come from Jesus and his ministry as he walked the earth. In Luke 4:14-21 we read Jesus’ vision statement for his life and ministry. His ministry had purpose, and so does ours. Our desire is to share the good news of Jesus Christ so that people are changed by…