Sermons from September 2022

Sermons from September 2022

A New Start | Exodus 3:1-15

Pastor Ron started a sermon series called “A New Beginning” with a lesson taken from God’s call to Moses. Take-Aways God can initiate a “New Start” on any ordinary day He chooses. We need to retrieve Reverence. Our Past doesn’t disqualify us from a “New Start.” God may initiate a “New Start” in us to prompt a “New Start” in someone else. Discussion Questions 1. According to Ex. 2:23-25 what are the reasons believers who are “groaning” can be hopeful…

Jesus’ Achievements | Hebrews 2:5-18

Pastor Ron shared this message reminding us of Jesus’ achievements and how that relates to our faith journey. Discussion Questions 1. What are some signs of drifting? 2. What does “being careful” look like for you? 3. How does Jesus help us in our suffering?

God’s Glory Before Us | Psalm 29

Pastor Ron reminds us of God’s glory and how we can glorify God in his first sermon at Cornerstone. Watch Here Discussion Questions 1. Share any instance when you appreciated the Glory of God this past week. 2. Can you cite an instance when God has given you strength and peace as you recognized His glory in a storm of your life?   (refer to John 16:33) 3. How are John 1:14 and Luke 8:22-24 related to the lessons of Psalm…

Gracious | Colossians 1:11-22

Dave Astolfi shared a message called “Gracious” to wrap up our series on Grace. Watch Here Discussion Questions Can you recall a time when someone extended grace to you? (Not just mercy or forgiveness, but they went the extra mile?) Which of the salvation metaphors do you identify with? How does that impact the way you see yourself? What is in your spiritual diet that keeps you reminded of God’s love?