Sermons on Redemption

Sermons on Redemption

The Triumphant Entry | Matthew 21:1-11 & 15

This Palm Sunday, we received a message from Mark Maclean to help us understand how Jesus was perceived and who he really was and what he came to do. Discussion Questions 1. When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the crowd treated him like a king. What were they expecting of him? 2. What was correct about the crowd’s description of Jesus? What was incorrect (or incomplete)? 3. What kind of Jesus am I following? One of my own devising or one…

Hope’s Accomplishments | Isaiah 11:1-9

On this first Sunday of Advent, Pastor Ron shares with us a message of Hope. Watch Here Discussion Questions 1. What is christian hope? 2. What affects does hope have on believers? 3. What are some ways God has awakened or stirred your hope? 4. Why is Christmas critical to our hope?

Jesus’ Achievements | Hebrews 2:5-18

Pastor Ron shared this message reminding us of Jesus’ achievements and how that relates to our faith journey. Discussion Questions 1. What are some signs of drifting? 2. What does “being careful” look like for you? 3. How does Jesus help us in our suffering?

Gracious | Colossians 1:11-22

Dave Astolfi shared a message called “Gracious” to wrap up our series on Grace. Watch Here Discussion Questions Can you recall a time when someone extended grace to you? (Not just mercy or forgiveness, but they went the extra mile?) Which of the salvation metaphors do you identify with? How does that impact the way you see yourself? What is in your spiritual diet that keeps you reminded of God’s love?

Saved By Grace | Galatians 1:1-9

Bernie Michaud shared a message reminding us that we are all saved by God’s grace. Discussion Questions Ice breaker: What religion did you grow up with? How far from shore were you when God saved you? What pull do you still have from religion? What do you think about this statement? When you question your salvation you are not asking if you are good enough, you are actually asking if God is good enough. What drops of poison do you add to the…

Lord of the Storm | Mark 4:35-41

This Rembrandt painting is called “Christ in the Storm on the Lake of Galilee.” It depicts Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee. While most of the painting is black and dark grays and blues, you can see golden-light and light blue skies in the distance. Two thieves disguised as police officers broke into the Isabella Steward Gardner Museum in Boston and stole it in 1990. If you know where it is, let the FBI know. Jesus has…

A Great Big Snake Story | Acts 28:1-10; 1 Samuel 17 (David & Goliath the Serpent)

Elijah really likes The Jungle Book. One of the characters in that story is a really big and sneaky snake named Kaa. He’s a python, and he’s famous for his colorful, hypnotic eyes and his ability to put Mowgli into a trance. He nearly catches and eats Mowgli, but Mowgli escapes. Snakes are a part of popular culture, from Indiana Jones to Harry Potter to the movie, Anaconda, and Snakes on a Plane (neither of which I’ve seen). But, our…

Isaiah 66:7-13 Zion’s Birth Story (Labor & Delivery Sermon)

Monica Romig shared the following message at Gordon-Conwell’s chapel service on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 (video link) from Isaiah 66:7-13. She talks about the biblical imagery of labor and delivery to describe how God is going to deliver and redeem his people. Enjoy the message. Since shops are already putting up Christmas lights and radio stations are playing Christmas music I thought it would be appropriate to consider this morning one of the prophetic birth passages of Isaiah. 7 “Before she…

Life with God | John 15:1-8 (Jesus is the Vine, the Tree of Life)

The actual sermon on Sunday, September 26th, came out much differently than the one written below. Please watch the video of the service here to see how the Spirit moved. This summer I started reading (and am still reading) a book by Skye Jethani called With. In With Skye talks about the four different ways people generally relate to God (pp. 6-7, 169-170): Life Under God — You may relate to God this way if you feel like you never…

Homelessness: The Nightmare that can lead to Redemption | Mark 10:17-23

Listen to Pastor Brian Gearin preach on homelessness and what the Bible has to say in Mark 10:17-23, John 4:13-18, 5:1-9, Luke 19:1-10, and Matthew 18:1-5. Brian has served the homeless and trained those working with this population for many years. He has lots of stories and wisdom to share. You can review slides from our service below.

Something Better | Matthew 28:1-10

Do you ever go to the store to buy one thing, but come home with something else? Back during the start of Covid my wife Monica was seven months pregnant and I went grocery shopping. This was new for me. I’m not usually the one to go to Market Basket. It was kinda fun. You learn where things are, the dairy section, the cereals, the meats, the frozen vegetables. I got the hang of it, but as I was walking…