Molly Crawford: God is Amazing!

Molly Crawford: God is Amazing!

I am Molly and I live with my Mom, Dad two sisters, Ruthie and Cammie, and my brother Sawyer in Westford. I moved here a year ago from Texas.

I have grown up going to church. But I am still a sinner. I lied and did not listen all the time. To my mom I misbehaved and was the most disobedient child of hers. I knew I sinned but I hated getting in trouble. One Easter morning a few years ago I was told Jesus died on the cross for me. I have heard this a millions of times but this times it was not the same. I realized that Jesus died in the cruelest way. He was nailed to the cross, was whipped, and wore a crown of thorns even though he did absolutely nothing wrong. He never sinned, lied or misbehaved. He was perfect, unlike me. But He still suffered and died on a cross for me because he loves me. Three days later He rose from the dead allowing me to be able to make a choice. I could die and go to hell or I could go to Heaven and spend time with Jesus forever. Not long after I made my choice and decided that I need help when times are tough and I wanted to have someone to love me forever no matter what. I decided to follow God for the rest of my life.

A few years had passed and I still sinned. Last summer I got the opportunity to go to a youth camp in Texas. One night the girls and boys separated and we did different activates (the girls did a talent show and the boys did a basketball tournament). But God did not allow the plan and we did something completely different instead. We talked about the wonderful things God has done to us that we did not deserve and could not do on our own. God is amazing and He can do anything, some of the stories were sad and I questioned why God did it but some were pure blessings and I wondered why God was so kind to me. One girl shared that her brother stopped breathing and was rushed to the hospital but God saved him and he became healthy then came back home. Sometimes I might not like God’s plan but His way is always better than my way. Many people were touched by the stories and many people got to know Jesus Christ that night.

The next night some of my friends got baptized and I knew I wanted to be baptized too. Later my plan did not go my way and the Lord wanted my family to move from Houston, Texas to Westford, Massachusetts. My parents took the opportunity and we moved to Westford. Now I go to a great school and I have great friends. I know some of my friends are not Christians but I know God can change that. 1 Timothy 4:12 says Do not let anyone look down one you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love and in purity. I know I will still misbehave but I do not have to be baptized twice and I do not have to be saved twice.

If you’d like to hear more about my faith story, please come talk to me after my baptism.

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