Workplace Commission

Workplace Commission

Leader (to congregation): Today we are commissioning anyone in our church who desires to dedicate their professional life to the Lord. In Scripture, we worship the Lord not just through prayer and song and the things we do at church, but through our everyday lives, including the time we spend and the things we do in our workplaces.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” (NIV) 

How can we glorify God in our workplaces? We can do our work:

    • Ethically – We can seek to honor God in all our decisions and conduct.
    • Excellently – We can do a good job in order to display God’s goodness. 
    • Evangelistically – We can share the good news of Jesus Christ as lead by the Holy Spirit.

Many of you are familiar with our “frontline” terminology.

    • “Your Frontline is the place where you spend the majority of your time outside the church, where you are in contact with non-Christians.” (Life on the Frontline)

Today is an opportunity for each one of us to receive a renewed call to our frontlines, to the everyday place God has called us. So this commission includes not only working professionals but whatever we do as work. Students, this calling includes your studies. Retirees, this calling includes the ways you are giving back. Homemakers, this calling includes taking care of your family and home. All of these things are work, which we can do for God’s glory. If you are willing, you can be commissioned too.

If you would like to be commissioned for your workplace, whether that’s in an office, classroom, neighborhood, or home, we have three requirements: 

    • You must know and love Jesus. We want to help followers of Jesus follow Him with their whole lives.
    • Cornerstone should be your church home. By commissioning you we at Cornerstone are sending you out on our behalf and on behalf of the Lord.
    • You need to accept this call to work ethically, excellently, and (when given the opportunity by the Holy Spirit) evangelistically.

If you meet these requirements, please come forward. Please share your name and workplace (your frontline) with us. 

Leader (to commissioned): 

    • Is it the case that you have made Jesus Christ the Savior and Lord of your life and that the love of Christ and your faith in Him compels you to glorify Him in the everyday, including your place of work? 

If so, you may answer, “It is.”

    • As the Spirit enables you, will you seek to honor God in your life; worship Him by your conduct; live and work ethically and with excellence; and when led by the Holy Spirit seek to share Jesus Christ with those around you.

If so, you may answer, “I will.”

Leader (to congregation): If you didn’t come up front today but want to learn more about this calling, I have several free copies of Fruitfulness on the Frontline by Mark Greene that I would love to give away and talk with you further about. Please join the Elders and me as we pray for the newly commissioned. 

Lord God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—I lift up to you these individuals who have made this commitment to you, to themselves, and to us as your Body of Christ to bring you glory in their workplaces, whether that’s in their office, the home, school, retirement neighborhood, or somewhere else. Continue to equip them for good work, pour out your love into them, season their conversations with grace, and overflow them with hope that their light will shine brightly in their everyday lives on the frontlines. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

*This commissioning is adapted by Pastor Jonathan Romig from the WorkLife Commissioning Vows from Park Street Church in Boston, MA. Used with permission.