Prayer for Trunk or Treat – Day 1: Thy Kingdom Come

Prayer for Trunk or Treat – Day 1: Thy Kingdom Come

The annual Trunk-or-Treat outreach event is upon us.  To prepare for this event, the Outreach Team is inviting everyone to join in intercessory prayers for the next 8 days leading up to the event on 10/26 at 12-2pm.  If you are called to fast, please do so. Please be on the look out for the daily prayer email starting tomorrow, 10/19.  It is a great opportunity to fill the role of our calling as a royal priesthood by offering our intercessory prayers on behalf of Cornerstone, Westford and the surrounding towns so that God’s excellencies may be proclaimed through us. Thank you for co-working in our intercessory effort!

Thy kingdom come,

“I will extol you, my God and King, and bless your name forever and ever. ” (Ps 145:1) Lord, You are the everlasting King.  We praise you, bless you, and thank you that your Kingdom is here on earth, is within each of us who believes in you, and is within reach for those who seek You. Let your Kingdom come and let our worship and services be pleasing to our King.

You have called our church to bring the Good News to Westford. Would you please expand your Kingdom to a community that doesn’t know you through our hosting of the Trunk-or-Treat on 10/26?  Many around us are entangled with things of this world that no room was left in the heart for the King, Who came to the world as a babe.  The eternal God is replaced with things which are temporal. We confess that as Christians, we often fall into the same traps and we are in need of your forgiveness. We ask You to awaken us and all these souls with a recognition of the emptiness from world and the fulness of life in Christ. We ask you to turn these hearts to seek You first the Kingdom of God and Your righteousness. (Matt 6:33) We ask you to break every chain and melt every hardened heart, and to revive this town. Let it be that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord. (Phil 2:10-11) In the name of Jesus, our great King, Amen!

*Except for the Lord’s prayer in KJV, all quoted Scriptures are ESV.