12 Racial Justice Resources We Recommend

12 Racial Justice Resources We Recommend

This past fall we worked through the Race, Class, and the Kingdom of God study series as a church. For those who aren’t familiar with it, we highly recommend it for your church. But now since that class is over, we want to keep on learning. Racial reconciliation is just too important to let slide. That’s why our Elders have come up with a list of 12 resources that are especially helpful. John, Mark, and Jonathan have each shared four recommendations that have touched them each in a personal way. Please check them and let’s keep the conversation going.

In Christ, your Elders

#1. Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption Book by Bryan Stevenson.

The movie was fine, but the book ripped up my soul so the Lord could put it back together again. Racism affects real people with real lives who are precious in the Lord’s sight. This book helped me hear and feel their stories in a way I never had before. I hope you’ll read it. It will make you mad, but it will also give you hope. – Jonathan 

#2. Defined by God Sermon by Rob Cooper (Collinsville Bible Church, Dracut)

Navigating this topic is no doubt challenging.  I reached out to a friend of African descent I met on a flight to Detroit (thank you Lord!) and as part of our dialog, he shared a sermon he preached after Eric Garner was killed.  In a way, it was disconnected from the emotion and fervor of the killing of George Floyd, but in another sense, it highlighted how this is not at all new.  The combination of Rob’s strong rooting in the Word and his perspective and experience is humbling and inspiring at the same time.  Hope you are blessed by it. – Mark

#3. The Gospel & Social Justice Sermon by Tom Sparling (starts @ 43min) 

This is a powerful message from someone close to me and others from Immanuel Church. He explains how we as evangelicals can be advocates for racial justice and not be placed in a box. – John

#4. The 2016 documentary: 13th Movie by Netflix

I did not realize how much of our culture is built on and actively supports systematic racism until I watched this documentary on our prison system. If you take issue with the concept of systematic racism, or that we need to address it as a society and the church, would you please watch this movie? – Jonathan

#5. Christian Rap – Caleb McCoy – Blindspots YouTube Song

Something especially for our Students!  Some of you will remember Caleb McCoy from Berea.  He was great in Berea and his message in this rap is strong.  Let’s talk, let’s listen to one another.  The scripture reading included at the end was powerful. – Mark

#6. Creation Care and Justice Sermon by Timothy Keller

Shalom. Peace, but more than the way we typically think of peace – flourishing.  What does pursuing Shalom mean for believers? For Cornerstone? I chose this sermon because it was challenging for me and I think sets racial justice in the broader context of shalom and our God-given responsibility and provides the scriptural foundation for what is true care and justice. Justice is restoring the fabric of our society as God intended. – John

#7. Holy Post – Race in America Youtube Video

I really appreciate how clear and straightforward Phil Vischer, the creator of Veggie Tales, makes understanding systemic racism in this short 17:52 youtube video. He presents the problem in a clear and winsome way and calls believers to do something about it. – Jonathan 

#8. Is there Racism in the Church today? Interview with Tony Evans.  

Tony Evans is a seasoned voice amongst evangelicals.  I like this interview because Tony not only looks back touching on his eye-opening experiences but lays out some principles for how we as individuals and churches can make positive steps forward. – Mark  

#9. Emanuel (2019)  Documentary on the Charleston Church Shooting 

This is a very powerful movie about forgiveness after a horrible event. The movie really helped me to see things from the perspective of the black church in America. – John

#10. Is Black Lives Matter the New Civil Rights Movement? Article by Mika Edmondson

When I was trying to figure out what to think about Black Lives Matter (BLM), this article really helped shape my opinion. It’s a talk Mika Edmondson delivered in May 2016 to Council members of The Gospel Coalition. You can listen to it if you’d like, or just read along. I was particularly struck by “Difference #3: Organizing Cases.” See also Albert Mohler’s response: Ugly Stain, Beautiful Hope: My Response to Mika Edmondson. – Jonathan 

#11. Grace, Justice, & Mercy: An Evening with Bryan Stevenson and Rev. Tim Keller

This is a great combination of two of the other contributors on this list.  Tim Keller’s intro to justice is a powerful summary of Biblical Justice, but hearing from Bryan Stevenson was really eye-opening for me regarding the criminal justice system.  But he just doesn’t point out problems but offers some steps that show us how to Do Justice and Love Mercy.  I haven’t read Just Mercy, but this certainly put it on my “to read” list.  For extra credit, you can check out a Q&A with both: Grace, Justice, & Mercy Q&A with Bryan Stevenson & Rev. Tim Keller moderated by Pamela Brown-Peterside – Mark

#12. A Biblical Critique of Secular Justice and Critical Theory Essay by Timothy Keller

This article provides a good in-depth explanation of the secular and biblical views of justice. We can be engaged in social justice from a biblical perspective. – John

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