Grief & Hope: Christian Books and Music for when a Loved One Dies

Grief & Hope: Christian Books and Music for when a Loved One Dies

With the recent passing of my dad, I’ve been processing by reading books on death and listening to music that helps me grieve and worship. But even as I experience loss, those around me are losing their loved ones as well. This is why I am sharing some of the books and songs I’ve come across as a way to help (music playlist below). The books focus more on grieving the loss of brothers and sisters in Christ than those who did not profess faith in Jesus. And yet, even if that is your situation, you may still find comfort and hope in some of their pages. I pray that whatever you read or listen to, it will be a blessing to you.

In Christ, Pastor Jonathan Romig

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Book Recommendations

On Death by Timothy Keller – He shares his own personal brush with death to provide words of comfort and hope in our season of loss. (Christian Book; Amazon; Audible)

Grief: Finding Hope Again by Paul David Tripp – In this brief counseling minibook, Tripp explores the grief we experience when a loved one dies and offers hope from a Biblical perspective (counseling minibook).

Every Moment Holy: Volume II Death, Grief, and Hope by Douglas Kaine McKelvey – This is a book for liturgy and worship, both personally and with others, including your church (website; Amazon).

A Small Book for the Hurting Heart by Paul Tautges – This book is a 50-day devotional (each about two pages) that dive deep into how the Bible comforts and provides assurance (Christian Book; Amazon).

Music Playlist

Link to Music for Heavy Hearts Playlist here.


The Resurrection Promise | 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 by Jonathan Romig