Sermons on Church

Sermons on Church

Sacrifice | Luke 9:1-6, 10-27

Do we live lives marked by sacrifice? Pastor Ron challenges us with this message on sacrifice. Discussion Questions 1. Do you think sacrifice is the distinguishing mark between a “believer” and a “disciple”? 2. What does  “sacrificial living” involve for you? 3. Why does Jesus say take up your cross daily?

It’s the Principle | Luke 6:12-36

Pastor Ron explores the principles that Jesus has laid before us. Discussion Questions 1. Does impulse have a place in the christian life?  Explain. 2. What are some specific principles we live by everyday? 3. Why is it so hard to live a principled life, and where can we get help?

Jesus’ Helpers | Luke 5:1-11, 27-28, Luke 6:12-16

Andy Bradshaw delves into the question, why did Jesus call his disciples? Discussion Questions 1.    Why is it important we have a proper view of who Jesus is? a.     Did you learn anything from the sermon, have anything to add, or question something that was presented? 2.    If you are a Christian, how does it make you feel that Jesus has chosen you to be his follower? a.     Is it exciting, humbling, burdensome, etc.? 3.    Can you think of a time God asked you to…

A Mighty Powerful Ministry | Luke 5:17-26

Pastor Ron continues his series on Jesus’ pastoral ministry with a look at His power that goes beyond physical healing. Discussion Questions 1. How might there be more evidence of the “power of the Lord” in our lives? (consult: Ephesians 3:16, 6:10 and 2Timothy 3:1-5) 2. How important is forgiveness of our sins to us? What evidence is there of its importance in our lives?

The Help God Gives | Exodus 4:18-31

Pastor Ron finishes his series on A New Start looking at the help God provides to Moses for his mission. The service was held remotely over Zoom and streamed to Facebook. Discussion Questions 1. Can you share a time when you felt you “weren’t right for the part” and learned God wanted you to undertake it anyway? 2. What help did God provide?

Necessities for a New Start | Exodus 3:16-22

Pastor Ron continues his series, A New Start, looking at “Necessities for a New Start”.  The worship service was held remotely over Zoom and streamed on Facebook. Discussion Questions In this passage God tells Moses what he’ll need for a “new start.” 1. If we at Cornerstone want a “new start” or if in our personal lives we want a “new start;” what will we need? 2. Are these things Moses needed some of the same things we’ll need?  Why?…

A New Start | Exodus 3:1-15

Pastor Ron started a sermon series called “A New Beginning” with a lesson taken from God’s call to Moses. Take-Aways God can initiate a “New Start” on any ordinary day He chooses. We need to retrieve Reverence. Our Past doesn’t disqualify us from a “New Start.” God may initiate a “New Start” in us to prompt a “New Start” in someone else. Discussion Questions 1. According to Ex. 2:23-25 what are the reasons believers who are “groaning” can be hopeful…

God’s Glory Before Us | Psalm 29

Pastor Ron reminds us of God’s glory and how we can glorify God in his first sermon at Cornerstone. Discussion Questions 1. Share any instance when you appreciated the Glory of God this past week. 2. Can you cite an instance when God has given you strength and peace as you recognized His glory in a storm of your life?   (refer to John 16:33) 3. How are John 1:14 and Luke 8:22-24 related to the lessons of Psalm 29? 4.…

A New Command? | John 13:34-35

Alex DiBisceglie is a member of Cornerstone Congregational Church, and this is our first opportunity to hear him share a message for us. This message on Christ’s love comes from John 13:34-35. Discussion Questions Icebreaker Question:  What type of movies do you enjoy watching? In John 13:34-35, Jesus gives his disciples a new command to love one another. What makes this a new command? What prevents us from loving others this way? What are some ways we can demonstrate this…

Sustaining and Enduring Love | 1 Corinthians 13

Mark Pender is a former elder at Cornerstone Congregational Church. He shared a message on love from 1 Corinthians 13. Discussion Questions Reread 1st Corinthians 13:4-7 1st John 4:8 tells us “God is love.”  How has God demonstrated one of these facets of love to you? Which facet of love do you think would be most appealing to your unchurched neighbors or coworkers or friends? Who has best exemplified this type of love to you? If you’re willing to share,…