Sermons on Hope

Sermons on Hope

Hope Fulfilled | 1 Thessalonians 4:13 – 5:11

Mark Pender encourages us with this message about hope from 1 Thessalonians. Discussion Questions Paul uses a literary technique of contrasts in this section.  Some examples – Light contrast Dark, Sober contrast Drunk, Asleep contrast Awake.  Is Salvation the contrast of wrath (v9)? Martin L King Jr said “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.”  How did Paul model this?  In what ways have you seen others model this? We’re not the church in Thessalonica, but how…

Self-Giving | 2 Thessalonians 2:1-16

Pastor Ron helps us to see the qualities of good leaders as presented in Thessalonians. Discussion Questions 1. According to this passage, what qualities of Paul make him a good pastor? 2. Should we make more of imitation in the church? (note vs 8 and 14, also 1Cor. 11:1) 3. Look at vs.13, ch.1:5 then 2Timothy 3:14-17. In light of these scripture verses what role does the Word of God play in our relationships with one another? 4. How must…

For Example | 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

We take a closer look at the church in Thessalonica and the example they set as Pastor Ron continues our series “A Better Life Now”. Discussion Questions 1. Share an example that encouraged your spiritual life. 2. How can Cornerstone be an example to another church or churches in the area as the church in Thessalonica was? 3. True or False? Life without problems and suffering is a fantasy and not worth pursuing. Can we have a meaningful life of…

A Reason Not To Be Apathetic | Malachi 4:1-6

Andy Bradshaw, one of our elders here at Cornerstone, finishes our series in the book of Malachi by giving us reasons not to be apathetic. Discussion Questions 1. What is the significance of the promises of healing and turning the hearts of people to each other in Malachi 4? 2. Is Malachi prophesying about the first coming of Jesus, the second coming of Jesus, both, or neither? 3. Is there a difference between having apathy and being lukewarm? Is there…

A Savior Is Born | Matthew 1:18-25, Luke 1:26-38

“Christmas is the answer to the question, does God love me?”. Bernie Michaud shares a message of encouragement on this Christmas Day. Can we see beyond our circumstances to the hope and joy that God provides through our savior? Watch Here Questions to Consider How would you be feeling if these events were happening to you? How much do you trust God with your life’s circumstances?

Hope’s Accomplishments | Isaiah 11:1-9

On this first Sunday of Advent, Pastor Ron shares with us a message of Hope. Watch Here Discussion Questions 1. What is christian hope? 2. What affects does hope have on believers? 3. What are some ways God has awakened or stirred your hope? 4. Why is Christmas critical to our hope?

The Help God Gives | Exodus 4:18-31

Pastor Ron finishes his series on A New Start looking at the help God provides to Moses for his mission. The service was held remotely over Zoom and streamed to Facebook. Watch Here Discussion Questions 1. Can you share a time when you felt you “weren’t right for the part” and learned God wanted you to undertake it anyway? 2. What help did God provide?

A New Start | Exodus 3:1-15

Pastor Ron started a sermon series called “A New Beginning” with a lesson taken from God’s call to Moses. Take-Aways God can initiate a “New Start” on any ordinary day He chooses. We need to retrieve Reverence. Our Past doesn’t disqualify us from a “New Start.” God may initiate a “New Start” in us to prompt a “New Start” in someone else. Discussion Questions 1. According to Ex. 2:23-25 what are the reasons believers who are “groaning” can be hopeful…

Jesus’ Achievements | Hebrews 2:5-18

Pastor Ron shared this message reminding us of Jesus’ achievements and how that relates to our faith journey. Discussion Questions 1. What are some signs of drifting? 2. What does “being careful” look like for you? 3. How does Jesus help us in our suffering?