'Psalms' Tagged Posts

'Psalms' Tagged Posts

Collaborative Church Service – Psalms of Praise, Lament, Confession & Thanksgiving (12/26/21)

This service will not be broadcast on Facebook Live, but we invite those staying at home to join us over Zoom. You can access the Zoom info through our Facebook Page or Group. Welcome & Invocation Today is a time to pray, praise, confess, lament, and share stories of God’s faithfulness. Jesus Loves Me (Kids’ Song) Dismissal of children downstairs. Song (Request) Intercessory Prayer Prayer requests then the pastor prays. Song (House of the Lord) Psalm 103 – Psalm of…

How to Pray the Psalms by Timothy Keller

Want to know how to pray the Psalms? In addition to listening to our series on the Psalms, listen to Timothy Keller explain how to pray the Psalms. He pastored Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City for many years and is the author of The Songs of Jesus: A Year of Daily Devotions in the Psalms. Enjoy! In Christ, Pastor Jonathan

Psalms: The Language of Prayer Sermon Series by Tim Mackie

Remember the two guys from The Bible Project videos? One of them, Tim Mackie, preached a sermon series on the Psalms called Psalms: The Language of Prayer.  This series is very good and covers Psalms and topics we may not cover in our series on the Psalms, Praying with God. Enjoy! In Christ, Pastor Jonathan Praying Through Our Fears | Psalm 3 Praying Through Our Pain | Psalm 22 Praying Through Song | Psalm 96 A Prayer of Confession |…