Cornerstone Mask Policy

Cornerstone Mask Policy

For our January 4th, 2022 Update, Click Here.

Dear Church Family,

Isn’t Covid no fun?! We are ready for it to be all gone, but it seems like the Lord is allowing for it to linger. As your elders and deacons, we have struggled to know how to best protect the church family from covid, while not over-doing it. We are not certain we have it right but have created the following plan to do the best we can.

Due to the increase in covid cases and in variants (such as Delta), we believe the best thing we can do for any and all indoor activities is to require masks for those age five and older. Masks are optional outdoors, of course, but for inside we feel this is a helpful safety measure. This means if you are comfortable, and would like to join us for an indoor service, please bring a mask. We will have free masks for any who need them.

This also means, however, that if you do not feel comfortable wearing a mask, we would kindly ask you to tune into our online service via or our Facebook Page. We will even be requiring our staff to mask-up during office hours if they are in the same room. We want everyone to be protected!

Thank you for understanding. We hope that the Lord will provide us with many sunny days this fall so we can worship on Sundays outside where no masks are needed. Until then, thank you for following this request. God bless,

Your Cornerstone Elders & Deacons

Mark Pender, Elder
John Ralls, Elder*
Jonathan Romig, Pastor

Diana Walker-Moyer, Deacon*
Shirley Burchfield, Deacon
Bruce Burchfield, Deacon

*Those with an asterisk are finishing up their terms and serving on a temporary basis.