COVID-19 Update (wearing a mask is recommended – 10/1/2022)

COVID-19 Update (wearing a mask is recommended – 10/1/2022)

Our Cornerstone congregation has had a few members test positive for COVID-19 this week. Current CDC guidelines require that a person testing positive consider the day of the test as day 0 and then to isolate for the next 5 days. As long as they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication and their symptoms are improving, they may come out of isolation on day 6 but should wear a mask when around others through day 10. A person who has been exposed to a positive case, whether they are vaccinated or not, is required to wear a mask for 10 days and recommended to test on day 5 to determine if they had contracted the virus. If they test positive, they should follow the isolation protocol.

Cornerstone has a highly vaccinated population which is essential to preventing severe illness. However, at this time, Middlesex County is at a high transmission rate, the highest in the state. In the interest of the health of our members and attenders, the Deacons are recommending that all persons over the age of 2, wear a face covering while attending services and other events held indoors at Cornerstone.

Please remember that our service is shared on Facebook Live each week and the small group time is accessible through the Zoom link shared in the weekly bulletin.

Unfortunately, we will be postponing the community luncheon scheduled after the service this Sunday. We hope to reschedule this in the next week or two and will announce it in the Cornerstone Bulletin. To help us know when it would be appropriate for us to all share a meal together, it would be appreciated if you could let Diana Walker-Moyer ( know if you or a family member is ill. She is a nurse practitioner and your information will be kept confidential. We would really like to reschedule when everyone is able to join!

Thank you for protecting yourselves and others as we continue to navigate the vagaries of this pandemic.

The Deacons